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Passion. Not a word you hear all that often any more when it comes to music, but Kasabian have it by the tractor-load. They’re not making music to be famous, or because its a good career, they’re making music because they need to, because it’s etched somewhere deep in their souls. “Why be in a band?” Asks singer Tom Meighan. “Because it’s the only thing I could do. There’s nothing else I ever wanted. Nothing, nothing. This is what I’ve wanted to do ever since i was four. This is why I’m here.”
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Panic! At The Disco
PANIC! started in the suburbs of Las Vegas when 12-year-old Ryan Ross asked his parents for a guitar for Christmas. Not to be outdone, neighborhood pal Spencer Smith begged his parents for a drum set so the duo could start jamming. Ryan decided to leave college at the end of his freshman year, causing a huge rift between him and his family. "When I told my dad I wanted to drop out and write music, he definitely flipped out. It was a battle between me being happy and doing what would make him happy."

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