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Second Chance - Shinedown
by Shinedown
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12 Volt Sex
Oct 2004

From the frustrated and helpless lyrics to lead vocalist Matt Gucu's longing vocals, 12 Volt Sex mixes up an energized bolt of unique talent in this year's new self-titled demo.

With a diversity of styles ranging from the hopeful cries of despair in "Valley of Disarray" to the harder and heavier "fix" the boys show just how much they've grown and matured their own sound. Without straying from their punk/pop roots they have returned to the Las Vegas music scene with what seems to be a new sense of self. Each new track portrays just that. This new demo is the heart and soul of 12 Volt Sex.

"I can take a walk but it's not the same. I can write it down, but it's not your name." are the distressed opening lines to the opening track, "Valley of Disarray", which I'm sure will prove itself to be one of 12 Volt's classics and most well known, taking it's home among "Hook it up" and "Skin". Drummer Gary Wright's drums seem to take on a mind of their own as they set you up for the emotional ride you will embark throughout the entirety of this album.

Michael Stratton's guitar leads you into "Pictures", which shows you a more laidback, sultry side to Matt's Vocals. A tale of an obsessive stalker turns out to be one of the more romantic of the tracks.

The mix of drums, guitar and Jason Coleman's bass give "Monica" the softest and most quixotic sound of all. Completed with Toby Ashmore's keys it has the makings of a great love song. Just when you think it is, Matt's lyrics turn you in a new direction. Unlike every other song of love, you never hear "love" in this piece. It actually seems as though the vocals are trying to give themselves something to believe in. Rather than passion you get the sense of someone grasping on to something before they fall, with lyrics such as, "Keeps me guessing, so I guess I'll carry on."

Carrying on to "Fix", where you are faced with a tongue twist of reality. In this track you are given the rocker side of 12VS. Ruled by sex, drugs and rock and roll, there is no other song quite like this one. It is a true revelation of sound. This is where the anguish ends and the anger kicks in. It's time for action.

Action is exactly what is taken on the lyrics of "The Beginning." Although there is the influence of such artists as "The Beatles", the squeaky cleanness of the lyrics is wiped out. Time is up for subtlety. This song let's you know how it is.

The beginning of reality is what Matt asks for in "Hold Me Now." "Hold me now, but don't fake it. Don't make it unreal." shows a need for real love, not fear of loneliness or denial, or self-infliction of reasons that seem convincing, but honest love. This is the ultimate love song of the entire Demo. Lasting truth is what comes through in the vocals. One can believe every note.

Finally I close with "Lullaby" a surprisingly upbeat track, Matt belts out lyrics like, "I can see the change in me". This song is the light at the end of the tunnel of pain and heartache. It's a new sense of optimism and life.

Staying in theme with past 12 Volt Sex albums the new self titled demos are filled with hopefulness. One thing Matt has always incorporated and made shine through in every note, besides remarkable talent, is hope. 12 Volt Sex's writing, production, incredible musicians and Matt's extraordinary vocals are back once more energized and ready to light up stages everywhere, with proof in these demos.


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