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April 1, 2002

As famous for the Gallagher brothers’ rocky relationships, overindulgence and off-stage antics as they are for their distinct brand of Beatle-esque Brit-pop, Oasis is in the radio.wazee spotlight with their first single in nearly two years, "The Hindu Times." "Heathen Chemistry," the group's fifth studio album, will be released in July.

From the mean streets of Manchester, England, Oasis was originally formed by schoolmates Liam Gallagher (vocals), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (guitar), Paul McGuigan (bass) and Tony McCaroll (drums). After spending several years as the guitar technician for the Stone Roses-inspired group the Inspiral Carpets, Noel Gallagher returned to Manchester to find that his brother Noel had formed a band. Noel agreed to join the band if he could have complete control of the group, including contributing all the songs; the rest of the band agreed and under the new name Oasis, they began a year of intensive rehearsing. After playing a handful of small club gigs, the band signed to Creation Records and released their first single, "Supersonic," in the spring of 1994. On the back of its positive reviews, followed by the hits "Shakermaker" and "Live Forever," the quintet’s first record, "Definitely Maybe," became the fastest-selling debut in British history, entering the charts at number one. It was full-blown Oasis mania in the U.K., but the now-famous tensions in the group had begun to build. Liam and Noel refused to do joint interviews because they always fought, and Noel briefly left the band at one point.

At the beginning of 1995, the group concentrated on America, with "Live Forever" becoming a major hit on MTV, album rock, and modern rock radio stations, peaking at number two. "Definitely Maybe" went Gold in the U.S., and then on the eve of the release of the single "Some Might Say," drummer Tony McCaroll parted ways with the band. Alan White took his place, and "Some Might Say" entered the charts at number one, with its success catapulting all of their previous singles back on to the indie charts.

Oasis’ second album, "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?," was released in October of 1995, and the album shot to number one in England, becoming the fastest-selling album in the U.K. since Michael Jackson's "Bad." Over the course of 1996, "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" became the second-biggest British album in history." Morning Glory" became a Top Ten success in America, eventually being certified Quintuple Platinum; it also reached the Top Ten throughout Europe and Asia. A third album, "Be Here Now," shattered sales records in the U.K. and nearly topped the U.S. charts, but a backlash had set in among both critics and record buyers. Typical infighting unraveled the band's tour, and they slipped from the spotlight, although a collection of B-sides, "Masterplan," was released in 1998.

As the band was recording their fourth album in the summer of 1999, Bonehead left Oasis, claiming that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Ex-Ride guitarist Andy Bell and one-time Heavy Stereo bassist Gem Archer signed on after the recording of 2000's "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants." In fall 2000, their first-ever live record, "Familiar To Millions," was released, and now we can expect "Heathen Chemistry" in July.

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