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State Of Fear
by Useless ID
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September 2003

Tim Pagnotta (vocals / guitar)
Marko 72 (guitar)
Airin (bass / vocals)
Ben Davis (drums / vocals)

Formed in 1998 in Santa Barbara, CA, Sugarcult set to work with the following
ingredients: 4 guys, 3 chords, 2 guitars and 1 van. Armed with a batch of energized songs, the band toured the west coast generating a healthy buzz, selling their two indie records and homemade t-shirts out of the back of
their van.

In Spring 2001, after signing with Ultimatum Music, Sugarcult entered Rumbo Studios in Los Angeles to record their debut album with producer Matt Wallace (the Replacements, Faith No More). The album, titled, "Start Static", was released on August 21, 2001 (and was recorded in the same room as Guns 'n' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" and No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom"). As of April 2003, "Start Static" has sold more then 250,000 copies and climbing!!

Sugarcult have been on the road since Summer 2001, doing what they love best, playing lots and lots of shows. The band played the Vans Warped Tour in 2001 and 2002, on the second stage on the Blink 182 - New Found Glory Tour, and have done entire US Tours with Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, Unwritten Law, Less Than Jake and The Ataris. The band has also played a ton of radio station festivals around the country, at the Decibel Music Conference in Trinidad, West Indies and at the Lifebeat / MTV Music Video Awards Pre-Party in New York City with The Hives and Jimmy Eat World.

Sugarcult's sound subscribes to the don't-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus approach of power-pop, underlined with the don't-give-a-fuck spirit of late 70's punk. Standing out from the hordes of modern rock bands, Sugarcult sticks close to the raw essentials of all great rock 'n' roll: energy, attitude and style. However it's the well-crafted songs and melodic hooks that really set thisband apart.

"There's something about the energy that's packed into those two and a half minute songs, like Elvis Costello's 'Radio Radio' or Cheap Trick's 'Surrender' that shoot like bullets compared to a lot of today's popular
music," says singer/guitarist and chief songwriter Tim Pagnotta. Guitarist Marko 72 adds, "We like to merge the old with the new. We're not interested in being retro. We thrive on updating that certain common-denominator that has stood the test of time from the Beatles to the Ramones to Nirvana."

Having lived in 13 different homes, gone to four different elementary schools, two different junior highs and three different high schools, Tim (now 24 years old) found music and songwriting at a young age as his only
source of stability. "He's a natural," says Marko after seeing him perform live. "I see this young guy up on stage in a ragged thrift-store suit and tie, singing these really cool pop songs and flooring the audience. I hadn't heard of him, but he seemed like he'd probably been at it for years. It turned out that was his first show ever, in his first band ever!" Tim adds, "We all immediately clicked and discovered mutual admiration for the elements that made our favorite bands great. I asked Marko to join before even hearing him play a note on guitar." Bassist Airin Older and drummer Ben Davis, both of whom handle the vocal harmonies, round out the band's lineup.

Sugarcult's energized live shows are packed with youthful adrenaline, loud guitars and a visual style that culminates in an attractive spectacle in touch with the original danger of rock 'n' roll, but with a healthy sense of humor about it all.

With their third single and video for "Pretty Girl (The Way)" climbing the charts, Sugarcult are set to stick a safety pin through the heart and put cavities in the smile of modern rock.

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