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Zakk Wylde
April 2003

Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society is in the radio.wazee spotlight this week featuring the Prince of Darkness himself, television’s favorite dad Ozzy Osbourne, on "Stillborn." "Stillborn" was the No. 1 most added track at active rock and rock radio in its first week of release and a video for the song has jut been completed with Rob Zombie directing.

Zakk Wylde was born Jeffery Philip Wielandt to a Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Wielandt on January 14, 1967 in Bayonne and raised in Jackson, New Jersey. While in high school, Zakk formed his first band, playing songs at parties like Ozzy’s "Bark at the Moon" and other songs by Black Sabbath and Rush. After graduating from Jackson Memorial High School in 1985 at the age of 18, Zakk was working at a local supermarket and doing roofing, and playing in various bands. That’s when Zakk began to write originals and joined a band called "Zyris." Upon joining Zyris, he started calling himself ‘Zakari Wyland,’ taking the name from the TV show "Lost In Space’s" character ‘Dr. Zachary Smith.’

Hearing on the Howard Stern Show that Ozzy Osbourne would be auditioning unknown guitarists, Zakk didn’t think he had a serious chance. Zakk was discovered a short time later at a Zysis show by rock photographers Mark Weiss and Dave Feld. Amazed at Zakk’s playing, Dave mentioned to him that Ozzy was looking for a new guitarist and that they would pass along a press kit. Zakk got the audition with Ozzy and took it, figuring, "Well I’m only working at a gas station, what do I got to lose?!" He returned home thinking he didn’t get the job, but a few days later he received a phone call from Sharon Osbourne asking if he would join the band. Zakk joined up with Ozzy as lead guitarist at the age of 20, in May of 1987, and still maintains that title, turning in several cameos on both seasons of "The Osbournes" hit TV show. The pair went on to compose some of Ozzy's greatest work, including the "No More Tears," "No Rest For The Wicked" and "Ozzmosis" albums.

Since then, he has forged Black Label Society as a vehicle for his true vision: unfiltered, no-bullshit rock of the highest order. The current line-up is Zakk (vocals, guitar, piano) Nick "Evil Twin" Catanese (guitar), Mike Inez (bass) and Craig‘Louisiana Lightning’ Nunenmacher (drums). Zakk also plays everything but drums while recording the albums.

On the strength of three studio outings ("Sonic Brew," "Stronger Than Death" and last year's acclaimed "1919 Eternal") along with a blistering live album ("Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live +5"), BLS has recruited an ever-growing armada of devoted die-hard fans. "The Blessed Hellride" will be in stores on April 22nd with a live DVD to be released later this year.

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