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RADIO.WAZEE Real-Time Playlist ReportThu, 23 Nov 2017 06:56:10 -0600

RADIO.WAZEE "TOP TRACKS" (7 Days ended Nov 18, 2017)
1CROSSFADE - Cold5/100
1GARBAGE - I Think I'm Paranoid5/100
1GODSMACK - Serenity5/100
1STROKE 9 - Little Black Backpack5/100
1TANTRIC - Breakdown5/100
6APOCALYPTICA - Not Strong Enough4/80
6BEASTIE BOYS - Fight For Your Right4/80
6BECK - Loser4/80
6BLIND MELON - No Rain4/80
6BUCKCHERRY - Lit Up4/80
6BUCKCHERRY - Sorry4/80
6CHRIS O'CONNOR - Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand4/80
6CROSSFADE - So Far Away4/80
6DAVE MATTHEWS - Tripping Billies4/80
6DROWNING POOL - Bodies4/80
6EVANESCENCE - Going Under4/80
6EVERCLEAR - A.M. Radio4/80
6FRANZ FERDINAND - Take Me Out4/80
6FRED DURST/STAIND - Outside [*]4/80
6GARBAGE - Bleed Like Me4/80
6HALESTORM - Better sorry than Safe4/80
6LENNY KRAVITZ - American Woman4/80
6LIVE - Llightning Crashes4/80
6NEON TREES - Animal4/80
6NINE INCH NAILS - Head Like a Hole4/80
6NINE INCH NAILS - The Hand That Feeds4/80
6NONPOINT - In_The_Air_Tonight4/80
6PUDDLE OF MUDD - Blurry4/80
6SEETHER - Broken (feat Amy Lee)4/80
6SEVEN MARY THREE - Cumbersome4/80
6SLIPKNOT - Duality4/80
6SOUNDGARDEN - Black Hole Sun4/80
6SPIN DOCTORS - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong4/80
6STAIND - Its Been Awhile4/80
6STAIND - Zoe Jane4/80
6THE BLOODHOUND GANG - Fire Water Burn4/80
6THE BLOODHOUND GANG - Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?4/80
6THE OFFSPRING - The Kids Aren't Alright4/80
6THREE DAYS GRACE - World So Cold4/80
6TOADIES - Possum Kingdom4/80
6TOOL - Schism4/80
6TOOL - Stinkfist4/80
6TRAPT - Headstrong4/80
6WHITE ZOMBIE - More Human Than Human4/80
48311 - Down3/60
48ALICE IN CHAINS - Nutshell3/60
48ALICE IN CHAINS - Rooster3/60
48APOCALYPTICA - End of Me3/60
48AUDIOSLAVE - Like A Stone3/60
48BEASTIE BOYS - Sabotage3/60
48BETTER THAN EZRA - Desperately Wanting3/60
48BREAKING BENJAMIN - I Will Not Bow3/60
48BUCKCHERRY - Crazy Bitch3/60
48BUSH - Comedown3/60
48CHEVELLE - Jars3/60
48COLLECTIVE SOUL - December3/60
48DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - Ants Marching3/60
48DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - Crash Into Me3/60
48DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - Satellite3/60
48DAYS OF THE NEW - Touch, Peel and Stand3/60
48EVE 6 - Inside Out3/60
48EVERCLEAR - Father of Mine [Radio Mix]3/60
48EVERCLEAR - I Will Buy You A New Life3/60
48EVERCLEAR - Santa Monica3/60
48FAITH NO MORE - Epic3/60
48FILTER - Hey Man Nice Shot3/60
48FINGER ELEVEN - One Thing3/60
48FINGER ELEVEN - Paralyzer3/60
48FOO FIGHTERS - Big Me3/60
48FUEL - Falls On Me3/60
48FUEL - Shimmer3/60
48GODSMACK - Keep Away3/60
48GREEN DAY - She3/60
48INCUBUS - Stellar3/60
48JIMMY EAT WORLD - The Middle3/60
48KORN - Got The Life3/60
48LIT - My Own Worst Enemy3/60
48LIVE - I Alone3/60
48NIRVANA - Come As You Are3/60
48OFFSPRING - Come Out and Play3/60
48OFFSPRING - Gone Away3/60
48OFFSPRING - Gotta Get Away3/60
48OFFSPRING - Self Esteem3/60
48PUDDLE OF MUDD - Psycho3/60
48RADIOHEAD - Creep3/60
48RADIOHEAD - High And Dry3/60
48RADIOHEAD - Karma Police3/60
48RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - Bulls on Parade3/60
48RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Give It Away3/60
48RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Scar Tissue3/60
48SEETHER - Rise Above This3/60
48SHINEDOWN - Second Chance - Shinedown3/60
48SMASHING PUMPKINS - Bullet With Butterfly Wings3/60
48SMASHING PUMPKINS - Cherub Rock3/60
48SOUNDGARDEN - Fell On Black Days3/60
48SOUNDGARDEN - Spoonman3/60
48STONE SOUR - (12) Bother3/60
48STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Sex Type Thing3/60
48SUBLIME - What I Got3/60
48TEMPLE OF THE DOGS - Say Hello to Heaven3/60
48THE BLOODHOUND GANG - Ralph Wiggum3/60
48THE OFFSPRING - Hit That3/60
48THE OFFSPRING - Why Don't You Get A Job?3/60
48THE VERVE - Bittersweet Symphony3/60
48THEORY OF A DEADMAN - Bad Girlfriend3/60
48THIRD EYE BLIND - Jumper3/60
48TOADIES - I Come from the Water3/60
48TOOL - Sober3/60
48VIOLENT FEMMES - Blister in the Sun3/60