Here you will find an up-to-the-minute report of our listener's response to the songs we play. These reports do not attempt to provide listener opinion data for our entire playlist, or even necesssarily our top tracks.* Instead, they highlight those songs that our listeners are responding to strongly in a manner that doesn't reflect that song's current spin frequency. In other words, a song that is receiving poor ratings but is spun frequently will appear near the top of the "stinkers" report. In fact, these very pages are a primary source of listener feedback for Howard as he plans the next week's playlist.

Songs are listed here if they are on the high or low end of our 1 through 6 rating spectrum, or if recently placed ratings consistently depict a changing trend in listener opinion. Data appearing in color indicates this data meets the criteria for the song to be included in the report, as analyzed by combining both the rating and number of votes either overall or recently. Songs that have not appeared on the entire playlist for 7 days are excluded from these reports.

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RADIO.WAZEE Listener Rating Report

Artist - SongSpins this weekOverall ratingRecent rating# votes (all/recent)
thisGIRL - Moustache To Fit A King22.14297/0
Corner Stone - Curious [indie]22.592627/0
Juliet Dagger - Waiting22.750012/0
Irony - War [dl@wazee]22.875016/0
Inouk - Sailor Song11.50006/0
Kid Rock - Amen11.60005/0
Flaming Lips - It Overtakes Me11.62508/0
Suicide Machines - Your Silence11.692313/0
Fat Cat Daddies - Everybody Likes It [indie]11.727311/0
Klaxons - Magick11.75008/0
Constantines - Tank Commander (Hung Up In A Warehouse Town)11.83336/0
Blood Brothers - Teen Heat11.875016/0
Big B - White Trash Life11.88899/0
Limp Bizkit - Faith/Fame (feat. Everlast) [Remix]11.913023/0
KJ-52 - Rise Up12.000014/0
Send More Paramedics - Nothing Tastes Like This12.00005/0
Bronx - Heart Attack American12.00005/0
Hard-Fi - Cash Machine [Roots Manuva remix]12.000014/0
Primal Scream - Nitty Gritty12.00007/0
Minus One - Escalade12.066715/0
Coldcut - Everything Is Under Control (feat. Jim Spencer And Mike Ladd)12.083312/0
Shadowboxer - Black Cadiillac Into The White Horse12.090911/0
Pravda - Revolution12.11119/0
Towers Of London - On A Noose12.12508/0
Kid Rock - You Never Met A Motherf*** Quite Like Me12.125016/0
Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghost Riders12.12508/0
Dalek - Even Somber12.173923/0
Kylesa - Welcome Mat To An Abandoned Life12.20005/0
Martini Henry Rifles - Pan-Am12.20005/0
Test Icicles - What's Your Damage12.200015/0
Corner Stone - Isnt It Amazing [indie]12.222218/0
Michael Tolcher - No One Above12.230813/0
Gnarls Barkley - Gone Daddy Gone12.25008/0
Flaming Lips - A Spoonful Weighs [live from Bonnaroo]12.25008/0
Chemical Brothers - Come With Us [Radio Edit]12.250012/0
Datsuns - MF From Hell12.266715/0
Machine Head - Imperium12.269226/0
Jessica Fletchers - Bloody Seventies Love12.300010/0
Quarashi - Mr. Jinx12.304323/0
Tommy Stinson - Something's Wrong12.33336/0
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus (Felix Da Housecat Remix)12.375024/0
Simple Plan - You Don't Mean Anything12.40005/0
Lenny Kravitz - Bring It On12.40005/0
Breeders - Huffer12.400015/0
Cyber Jack - Wood [indie]12.40005/0
Starwood - Won't Back Down12.44449/0
Datsuns - Blacken My T12.44449/0
Killswitch Engage - Declaration12.454522/0
Arctic Monkeys - Love Machine12.461513/0
Courtney Love - But Julian, I'm A Little Bit Older Than You12.473719/0
Artist - SongSpins this weekOverall ratingRecent rating# votes (all/recent)
Wanker - I Touch Myself [download@wazee]12.485735/0
Mad Caddies - No Hope [live]12.50008/0
Funeral For A Friend - She Drove Me To Daytime Television (Xfm session)12.500010/0
Compulsions - Sick One12.500010/0
Childplant - Albyn12.50006/0
Fletcher - One More To Go [download@wazee]12.545511/0
Deftones - Bloody Cape12.55569/0
He Is Legend - The Seduction12.558834/0
Pepper - Give It Up12.571442/0
Slayer - Reign In Blood12.576926/0
Propagandhi - Die Jugend Marschiert12.578919/0
Alarma Man - Sweden Sweden [dl@wazee]12.592627/0
Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country12.60005/0
My Red Cell - Dedication12.60005/0
Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away12.600015/0
Tight E. Whitey - Chemicals [download@wazee]12.60005/0
33DEGREE - Inbetweens12.611118/0
Sparta - Cut Your Ribbon [live]12.615413/0
Rush - Summertime Blues12.625016/0
Death From Above 1979 - Going Steady12.62508/0
Orange Goblin - Black Egg12.636411/0
Killing Joke - Blood On Your Hands12.642914/0
Embrace - World At Your Feet12.642914/0
Up For Lost - Maintain [download@wazee]12.650020/0
Samantha Ronson - Pull My Hair Out [radio]12.66676/0
3rd Strike - All Lies12.66679/0
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion12.66679/0
Faithless - Destruction12.666715/0
Prodigy - Girl12.666718/0
Mudvayne - A Key To Nothing12.687516/0
E Town Concrete - Mandibles12.687516/0
Supagroup - What's Your Problem12.71437/0
Armsbendback - The Arms Of Automation12.71437/0
Desaparecidos - Man and Wife, The Latter12.733315/0
Pretty Girls Make Graves - All Medicated Geniuses12.750012/0
Fishbone - Party At Ground Zero12.750016/0
Ordinary Boys - Laughing From The Sidelines12.750012/0
None More Black - Under My Feet12.75008/0
Paul Weller - Blink And You'll Miss It12.769213/0
Kaiser Chiefs - You Can Have It All12.785728/0
Unearth - Zombie Autopilot12.789519/0
Woke Up Falling - It's All Memories [dl@wazee]12.793129/0
New Found Glory - This Disaster12.80005/0
Coheed & Cambria - The Crowing [live]12.800015/0
Mudvayne - Not Falling [Radio]12.80005/0
Courtney Love - Hold On To Me12.812516/0
American Head Charge - Loyalty12.823517/0
Bad Ronald - First Time12.823517/0
Strokes - Under Control12.83336/0
S.T.U.N. - Annihilation Of The Generations12.83336/0
Artist - SongSpins this weekOverall ratingRecent rating# votes (all/recent)
Juliette & The Licks - You're Speaking My Language12.833318/0
Hermano - Cowboys Suck12.833318/0
Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper12.846213/0
Mewithoutyou - January 197912.846213/0
John Rueben - Up And At 'Em12.850020/0
Primal Scream - Dolls (Sweet Rock N Roll)12.85717/0
Read Yellow - Model America12.866715/0
Contact - Working Girl12.875016/0
Super Furry Animals - Venus And Serena12.87508/0
Datsuns - Super Gyration12.87508/0
Audioslave - Original Fire12.882417/0
Fischerspooner - Sweetness12.888918/0
G. Love - Astronaut12.88899/0
Jello Biafra w. D.O.A. - That's Progress12.900010/0
Mooney Suzuki - Primitive Condition12.900010/0
Jawbreaker - Chesterfield King [live]12.909111/0
Believe The Hype - Faded Gray [indie]12.909111/0
Hot Hot Heat - This Town12.909111/0
Unseen - Scream Out12.916712/0
Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes [Radio]12.923113/0
Refused - Liberation frequency12.923113/0
Agency - Regardless12.941217/0
Johnny Headband - Get Outta Here [dl@wazee]12.942935/0
Hierosonic - Americans America [dl@wazee]12.945937/0
Korn - Another Brick In The Wall12.952421/0

*Complete rating data for all songs played on wazee, past and present, is available to registered forum members via the song rating tools.