By Machina
play time 03:43
bitrate 192
file size 5.11 MB
Genre: Metal
The artist says: Barcode is our first single that was realesed in Sweden last year. You will hear from us again.
2201 (76 complete)
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poppakap (gave this song a 5) says:10/12/05 1:36 pm
Very cool song. I especially like the chorus with its descending riffs and grinding vocals.
mrpink70 (gave this song a 6) says:07/04/05 2:15 pm
soooo gooood......I am gonna jump to this!!
Mannikin (gave this song a 5) says:06/10/05 1:42 am
Very cool gentlemen - Its an honor to know that pre fabricated / commercial soda pop slot rot music can be so easily destroyed by awsome indie bands like you guys. Fucking cool.