Mein Friseur
By BCF - Big Crazy family
play time 03:42
bitrate 192
file size 5.1 MB
Genre: Pop
The artist says: Eike Sunshine: vocal sax lyrics Andi Pi: git bass programming arrangement lyrics Gebi: Sounds We road this song after a weard haircutterparty cause we thought some of these guys are realy crazy and also good artists. We dedicated it to the creativity of the haircutters and to the stuff they get their inspiration from.
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masseurin (gave this song a 6) says:11/07/05 7:47 am
Cool song. I like the groovy music and reagga-rythm with this freaky lyrics about the haircutter. The singer Eike Sunshine has got a real pretentious voice I enjoy. keep on that music ! see you Mary