By Seminole County from the album Seminole County.
play time 03:58
bitrate 160
file size Bytes
Genre: Alternative Rock
The artist says:
The artist has not yet written any comments about this song.
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bignbad (gave this song a 4) says:03/21/06 10:13 am
Ok, I hate to be negative at all cuz I like this band and think "playin' me" rocked, but the "rap" part of this song kinda lames. Don't try to be Eminem AND a good power-poppy guitar band -- being a GPPGB is enough. K? Call me.
orionstarr (gave this song a 6) says:10/22/05 1:45 pm
very good song!
sampleman (gave this song a 6) says:09/26/05 4:36 pm
I'm blown away....i love the concept!