Devotion And Desire FINAL
By Bayside from the album Bayside available now.
play time 03:31
bitrate 128
file size 3.22 MB
Genre: Indie
The artist says:
The artist has not yet written any comments about this song.
8195 (2081 complete)
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Dawson (gave this song a 6) says:01/05/06 8:28 am
It is a really erie song. I feel sorry for Bayside and having there drummer die. I hope they are well and are alright from the accident. R.I.P John Holohan (a.k.a John Beatz) or Bayside.
vulnerable (gave this song a 6) says:12/17/05 10:44 pm
This song rocks, so hard, I trembled in its presence. This is THE song.
bignbad (gave this song a 6) says:12/10/05 8:57 pm
my other homies on the ratings panel don't lie: this one takes you out back, kicks yr butt, ties you up, and leaves you to get eaten by rodents. And you like it.