Love Ya Later
By Atomic Fury
play time 03:41
bitrate 128
file size 3.38 MB
Genre: Rock & Roll
The artist says: Unreleased Atomic Fury from their 2004 studio sessions. It's time to dedicate one to the ladies! Copyright 2005 Atomic Fury
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SoCoDanO22 (gave this song a 5) says:01/29/06 1:57 pm
This one is alot better. I like it.
sikbastard35 (gave this song a 6) says:01/20/06 12:55 pm
Good arrangement. Stones-y Blues type feel. I didn't expect horns or piano on a track after the first one. You guys have that panty-melting vocal harmony down.
LP68custom (gave this song a 5) says:01/06/06 10:02 am
This song has great flow, good energy upbeat rock complimented by a mellow vibe. Love the brass, and the piano fills are great. The bridge leading into the solo is well placed and offers a pure shot of rock and roll to the heart. Overall, a great balance of styles and energy. The vocals need a bit of cleaning up, but the feeling and message is clear. Keep up the great work guys!