By Glister from the album Binary Boy / Creatures demo available now.
play time 04:34
bitrate 192
file size 6.27 MB
Genre: Gothic Rock
The artist says: This song stems from the love affair i had with Joss Whedon's world of vampires and creatures from the dark. We tend to write one darker song like this then one catchy pop song. I guess you could say our music these days is Blondie meets Black Sabbath. Anyway we have played in a few of the more 'goth' clubs in Sydney and this song goes down a treat there. This song is from a demo recorded at our drummer's new studio that he built himself. Two songs recorded and mixed in two days... but we're pretty happy with the results.
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Ballkick (gave this song a 4) says:05/19/06 8:15 am
dated 70's sound. sorry to break the news. it hasn't come back yet.