Wonderful Tragedy
By Grand Atlantic from the album This Is Grand Atlantic available now.
play time 04:24
bitrate 160
file size 5.04 MB
Genre: Indie
The artist says: The first single to be lifted from the album proper, Wonderful Tragedy is an exercise in deftly juxtaposing the melodic with the muscles. Timpani drums, orchestral arrangements and fragile, languid guitar herald the track which has been described as "some escapee from a lost Scott Walker album circa '68". But the thing is, these boys aren't some sepia-tinged nostalgia act – this is a real, affecting, vulnerable, mournful pop song that sounds utterly modern and utterly unlike anything else around at the moment. Simultaneously dense enough to engulf and sparse enough to ache, it's a masterclass in songwriting and it's performed to perfection. '..this is a band which has assimilated all there is worth knowing in the world of orchestral pop and bends that knowledge to their own will.' (The Courier Mail - Brisbane, Australia)
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