04. Man On A Mission
By 50LEAVES from the album Give Me The Weekend EP available now.
play time 02:45
bitrate 128
file size 2.53 MB
Genre: Rock & Roll
The artist says: You can almost hear the fun, and the "rock n roll" atmosphere within the studio, on this recording. Full of energy, full of attitude, and more importantly, full of head nodding musical workery! Have a listen and tell us what you think!
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pubix (gave this song a 3) says:07/04/04 7:44 am
just one thing i said that the guitar smell like like lithium from nirvana it's your influence can you say me if it this case but is a fresh song.thx
mry123 (gave this song a 6) says:05/21/04 8:08 am
absolutly mint. heard the lp. wicked. the boys are gonna be stars.
sputell (gave this song a 2) says:05/19/04 11:00 pm
I like the attitude in this one aswell, but as a song it doesn't much for me at all, same chords, over and over. Not really that interesting to me, I think maybe, with time, this band may outshine these early songs and show us something really spectacular.