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Finally we are starting to find where we belong in our new hometown and in this always flowing, ever-changing crazy thing we humans call life. And we have been so blessed to work with some truly incredible people along the way...... one of the weird things about Solis and life is the flow, some people seem destined to come back many times to create, party and experience with us. Now that we're Bellinghammers, on drums we have the supremely talented Jeff Todd. Jeff is Karrie's big bro, we all started music together when we were kids. Me and Jeff being roomates is how Kar and I met each other, hell I still remember the first song Kar jammed on with us was Ozzy's Crazy Train! After awhile we all dispersed to different parts of the country. The next time us three worked together was on the "Shine" EP. By then Kar and I were together for "better or worse" as they say (oh's better 4 sure!!)- partners in all things. Jeff rented us some ADATS from Seattle, took time off work, drove across the state, shook hands with Ron Mclean (killer, edgy bassist, now a successful organic grain farmer) for the first time, and we started cutting tracks right then. Those boys kicked some serious ass, and we ended up with a decent recording with not too many mistakes. That little tape, recorded/mixed/mastered in three days started our recording careers and got alot of positive attention for our work. A monumental moment, we've never played a note with that particular lineup since, we all lived way too far apart. Now we don't- Jeff, Kar and I are doing it again-some how an incredible bassist named JB Stout has been attracted to the project. Right now we are working to tighten up the most focused lineup of the band ever 4 sure. JB, Kar and I are starting by doing acoustic sets around town which is great, you getta uncover a whole new level of expression in the music. The totally kickass drummer/cowriter you hear on Rat, Overload and Wonder is the Michael Shaw, another of the ones who come around time and again. We hooked up with Mike right after cutting Shine and together with him and bassist Michael Moore (NOT the filmaker) did many of our first shows as an original band, playing mostly outdoor festivals and barter Fairs for the Onion Creek hippie community in NE Washington. Our son Jacob did his first public drumming performance at a barter fair, starting the groove for their drum circle when he was only 3 years old! Life and parenting commitments eventually pulled this fun lineup of the band apart. The next time I saw drummer Mike was at the gas pumps heading to a gig, he asked "what would I haveta do to come drum with you right now" To which I replied "Kill our drummer!" I kinda meant it, drummer Mike didn't commit murder-he's too good of a person for that. Not too long after the gas station, Mike appeared in our lives and music again if by a miracle or magic or something. We did a few shows, cut the intense "Peace Pipe" EP songs-the lyrics to Wonder are Mikes, we just wrote the song around his story and Karrie did her trademark editing to put it in a form that only makes sense to her at the time, but when the song's done everbody else can "receive" it. In this incarnation of the band were some moments, being signed to and ultimately dropping Medicine Music in London. Being signed to Horizon Management in NY, ready to tour in an opening slot and dropping them when they couldn't pay us properly...... have a "real job" and tour???.......yeah right! And now our current association with ACM which is a work in progress.... We did our alltime nerved out gig of a lifetime with Mike and Ron McLean too- a showcase for A & R execs from Sony, Atlantic and EMI at the Barracuda in Portland. Then we moved.
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