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In My Hand
One More Time
Drops Of Rain
Best Distraction
Breathe Again
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1 Pause of Sorrow
DROPSPHERE is, on the surface, a band. A name. What lies underneath is a collection of individual talents, experiences and personalities... four friends who have shared life, love, loss, triumph and tragedy. All culminating and conveyed through the words and music that make up DROPSPHERE. Combining power pop and rock with soaring harmonies and melody, the songs stand as a testament as to why DROPSPHERE stands above in this here-today gone-tomorrow commercial pop culture. Call it pop, alternative, radio friendly... it is what it is. Good, sincere song writing that speaks beyond boundaries, labels or stereotypes. One listen and you’ll know why.

Following in the footsteps of bands such as Collective Soul and Matchbox Twenty, DROPSPHERE have started carving out their own brand of pop magic with sincere, powerful writing, straight ahead infectious melodies and the powerful vocals of Chris Sahlin. Good songs are good songs and that's the bottom line. That's what we do." says Sahlin. "We write songs that speak to people. Songs that cross the demographic line so often used these days as a barometer to judge which way the collective music tastes are blowing. When your songs can speak to people that are 18 or 58, you know you have something special." If great songs have legs, DROPSPHERE has taken off running.
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