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Jaff is the Delia Smith recipe from hell. Add one part mad Frenchman to two parts eccentric English dudes and you have the basic ingredients for a quirky,zany, tantric-sex explosion of energy called Jaff.

It would be easy to introduce Jaff as another indie/alternative rock band. This would be a disservice. Their sound is a mashup of power Indie Britpop with a post-modern punk right hook, touch of psychedelia and a hell of an edge. And they were doing it long before bands like Blink 182 made it fashionable.

In a short space the band recorded a mini album with tracks regularly played on independent French, Swiss and German radio stations... and BBC Radio 1. They have toured with and supported Salad, Baby Chaos, Nada Surf and Addict on their European tours. They are also no strangers to European music festivals, playing FIMU and Aux Portes de L'Enfer (the charmingly named Doors of Hell) amongst others. Jaff has also had two very successful tours of Italy and Poland under its belt.

John has a dynamic personality - charming, funny, witty and completely engaging. He is a natural for the stage. His showmanship, distinctive vocal style and his ability to express emotional versatility enable him to grab an audience's attention and suck them into his world.

Sean (ex-PILLBOX) slides effortlessly between his "cool dude" persona and his exhibitionist nature. His energy and his vocals are the perfect compliment to John. He enjoys an easy rapport with the audience and, alongside John, knows how to get them going.

Subtle and spot-on drumming are all down to prankster Alex. It's not in his nature to sit there unnoticed. His cheeky nature lets him click with an audience

The energy between these three is brilliant. It's not hard to see that they buzz off playing with one another and love playing live. They have that special ability of sharing jokes with an audience. All 3 say "We want the crowd to be a part of it. We're up for making them laugh and really getting them into the music. That's our trip. That's our buzz. It's the best feeling in the world seeing that happen."

Jaff’s music is packed with street-wise lyrics and the occasional razor sharp black comedy. As the band says: "We just write and play stuff from our perspective and give it our own little twist. Is what we do cool? I dunno. It works for us and people really respond to it. That's what counts."
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