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SeKtoR 7  
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The Art of Creation
The Cell (This Hell)
The Art of Creation
No Control
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1 The Art of Creation
2 SeKtoR 7
My name is Brian Wortham. I am the only member of SeKtoR 7. All lyrics, vocal work, instrumentation, production, and artwork is done solely by myself. I started playing music at a very early age, learning to play piano, guitar, and drums, as well as learning how to arrange and compose songs. I don’t consider myself to be of any one genre of music, as I think that classifying art in general is something you do if you’re closed minded and feel the need to belong to a specific or certain audience. I’m very open minded about the music I listen to and the sounds that influence me. I’ve been inspired by the likes of Paul Cardall, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Mnemic, Imogen Heap, etc.

I release every album I make free as an MP3 Download because music was never about making money for me, but rather as a way to express things that I feel could best be described in songwriting form. I don’t limit myself in what I create. I will use anything and everything I feel is necessary to make the sounds in my head something aloud. I’m also a digital artist.
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