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Jim Clements  
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The Road To Anhedonia
Stonier Ground
Coming Up Roses
Before The Beating Starts
The Bottom Feeders
Love Makes Creeps Of Us All
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1 The Road To Anhedonia
2 When The Saints Go
3 Kill Devil Hills
Jim Clements' songs span the terrain from country heartbreak ballads to twisted gothic vignettes about apocalyptic visions and dead movie stars, and visit almost everywhere in between.

He has been writing, recording, and performing music for over a decade. His first record, Kill Devil Hills, was recorded in Toronto in 2004, and led one critic to declare 'The odds of actually making it to Neil Young proportions are ridiculously slim, but if a bet had to be placed, Clements would be a top choice.' Which was a nice, and optimistic, thing to say.

His second record, When The Saints Go, was a loose concept album about decanonized saints and mystical visions. It was recorded in the UK in 2007, with his band The Right To Die, and the record again garnered great reviews, and led to some big shows in UK, and a Portuguese tour.

Now, in 2011, he is back with the new record, The Road To Anhedonia (with 'anhedonia' being 'the inability to experience pleasure from activities formerly found enjoyable'). It was rehearsed in Vancouver with the Butterfield Band - being Richard Clements (drums), Rolla Olak (guitar), and Rob Butterfield (bass, slide guitar) -- and recorded with an array of talented guest musicians.

The Road To Anhedonia follows a tried and tested story: boy resents girl, boy loses girl, boy is surprised t find himself depressed to lose still somewhat resented girl, boy doesn't really know what to do with himself, boy drinks far to much whiskey, boy gets better, no thanks to the whisky. But with a twist.

He has also written a book about mysticism in mid-century fiction, although you're probably not interested.
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