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Purple Eve  
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Kill U
Shoot The Sun
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Purple Eve has just published a mini-album, "Para Ustedes," under the admitted influence of PJ Harvey. It's impossible to understand Purple Eve's music outside of a certain context. That's because everything happens here on the level of [mere] hints and contradictions: utterly serious issues are made incredibly funny, and black humor is delivered with a stony expression. That interplay (or confusion) between fun and fear comes from a particular attitude towards society or, more accurately, a lack of faith in its logical workings. Civic spheres promise little. Themes of desperation were investigated in the band's earlier material, but the topic of utter isolation has certainly been there from the outset. This sense of waywardness fosters what the group calls "a feminist version of stoner rock," in particular because that style no longer deserves to be an exclusively male domain.
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