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NOISE VICTIM started back in 2kY with their very first line up. After they recorded their first CD 'Pretty Damaged!' which was meant to be their debut-CD, but for real it was their very first recording ever, so the band hadn't found their style at this time and it was more like a 'uhcoolwedidit'. After releasing the CD in winter 2001 the bassman left the band and the line up changed for the first time. A new 'man of low tunes' was recruited very soon and shortly after that, the singer El Gerdo decided to leave. But even a new Singer/Shouter joined the band together with the new second guitarist - ready to take off! But, as you can see, this was not the last change in line up because after NOISE VICTIM went into the studio the longtime-drummer MetalPete was kicked out of the band due to personal and musical differences. A new man took place behind the drumkit - Ronny.

Now, for the first time, NOISE VICTIM is a real heavy metal band where everybody wants to give everything for the band! There are no problems about the main things like playing live, songwriting and so on any more!! Everybody is involved 101%!

POWER FAIL RESTART the title of the new NOISE VICTIM record describes the situation of the band at its best! The band has found their style, the songs are more 'straight in your face' and a lot more metal! 8 tracks, 38 minutes of brutal, powerful metalsongs which come around you like a hurricane, wind up in your ears and pull the brain out of it!!

After NOISE VICTIM did a real great year 2k4, played a lot of concerts, also as support of EKTOMORF (hun) and CHIMAIRA (usa), the band wants to hit the stages in Austria and all over Europe to recruit more and more fans to their CrossMetal music - primarily because the new line up runs under adrenaline and wants to jump on stage celebrating a REAL MOSHFEST, to see the crowd go crazy!

NOISE VICTIM, a name which will be burned into the brains of the crowd - for sure!!!!



0043 (0)660/65 77 190

NOISE VICTIM Heinz Romirer Sparbersbachgasse 13a/7 8010 Graz AUSTRIA


0043 (0)664/48 20 740

WORLD OF FAME booking Mathias Freitag Am Paargrund 7/1/4 8230 Hartberg AUSTRIA

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