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A Perfect Murder  

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Time Bomb
Wake Up And Die
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1 Unbroken
2 Strength Through Vengeance
Seldom has a Canadian band taken the often unconvinced American hardcore and metal scenes by the balls as A Perfect Murder is in the process of doing. Forming in Montreal, Quebec at the turn of the new millennium, A Perfect Murder has spent the last few years refining their sound, crafting their own rules, and turning their backs on the tiresome trends watering down the hardcore scene. A Perfect Murder has reached deep into the archives of classic heavy metal and hardcore roots for inspiration. With their genuine understanding of bands such as Metallica, Testament, and Pantera, laced with the groove-laden southern influences of Crowbar and Down, A Perfect Murder make their point by extracting the bare essences of the genre: nothing fancy, no tech-metal parts for the sake of having a tech-metal song, and no singing parts - just thick-sounding, heavy-hitting metallic hardcore.

One year after forming, A Perfect Murder released their debut EP, "Blood Covered Words" which started the word-of-mouth hype. As the buzz began to build, and with the addition of a new vocalist, Frank Pellerin, A Perfect Murder partnered up with Ontario-based Goodfellow Records and released "Cease To Suffer", which helped set their trademark sound of Hatebreed-esque vocals and breakdowns and Black Sabbath-like guitar riffs. "I believe that 'Cease To Suffer' was a milestone of sorts for the band", said guitarist Carl Bouchard. "We really got it together when writing that album and got a chance to really streamline our sound and figure out what exactly we were going for". Touring in support of "Cease To Suffer" throughout the US with bands like Premonitions Of War and Bury Your Dead, A Perfect Murder realized it was time to take the leap to a larger record label and make the band their priority. In November of 2004, the bulldog came knocking. Carl said, "Signing with Victory Records was probably one of the most exciting things to happen for the band. It couldn't have happened at a better time".

A Perfect Murder recorded their Victory Records debut, 'Unbroken', in February 2004 at Trax East Studios with Eric Rachel (Every Time I Die, Hatebreed, Snapcase) with the end result being one of the most brutal and dynamic records that has graced the hard music scene in years. Focusing on diversifying the usual "chug chug" sound of hardcore, A Perfect Murder shakes things up by intermingling not only mosh-inducing breakdowns, but also classic metal sounding guitar solos and groove-inspired guitar riffs. Additionally, special guest Karl Buechner, former vocalist of Earth Crisis took a break from his latest project, Freya, to contribute vocals on "No Truce," giving them the imprimatur of one of the originators of the genre.

A Perfect Murder is not here to reinvent the wheel; they are here to prove that good metalcore in the vein of Cro-Mags is still alive and well. 'Unbroken' will be the album that even the most narrow-minded heavy music fan will love. Check out A Perfect Murder on tour this summer in Canada with Unearth and in the states with A Life Once Lost and Premonitions Of War.

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