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Our band was formed more than two years ago (2002) in Riga, Latvia, and consists of 4 people: Zigmunds – Vocals (words, music); Natalja – Guitars (music); Alex – Bass; Kristians – Drums. We all played in different bands before “Free Level”, but one day Zigmunds and Natalja got acquainted and decided to make some rehearsals together in case something interesting would happen. It was the beginning. Their ideas and thoughts were transformed into new band called ”Free Level”. Few months later Kristians joined the band, he had a lot of ideas, which were accepted as they were close to band conception. Then we found Alex – our bass player. He is the youngest in our band and brings a lot of energy. Day by day, rehearsal after rehearsal, we were working on our songs, discussing different variants, trying to find a golden mean so that everyone was pleased.

In spite of being a young band we have played a lot in different clubs of Riga (such as “Depo” and “Saxofon”), also we performed on private parties. Some weeks ago our song appeared on the radio and was called as “a breath of fresh air among young Latvian bands”. Not a long time ago we recorded our demo and already have an excellent result with it: our demo was highly estimated by Dick Wagner (guitarist, songwriter and producer, played with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed) and now we’re discussing producing options. We're already on air in Netherlands, Danish and Spanish radio stations.

BAND THOUGHTS ABOUT MUSIC. Any author would like to create something what will make the world shudder. But some things such as education, complexes, and unwillingness to resist the society make musicians hide their ideas. The idea of band name appeared as a symbol of freedom. Freedom everywhere, especially in music. We want to play such music, which idea is close to our souls and feelings. But famous music magazines tell you: “Just look at these guys! Hey, dudes! What are you playing? It’s not popular anymore, nobody will listen to you!” We are against it, and we don’t believe in it. Our own opinion – if you believe in your music, if you feel the power in it and you play it with feelings, none will tell you that all that you play won’t work. People feel if you play sincerely. And only this thing works. Music is the embodiment of the idea. We don’t want to play just for playing. We don’t want to thrash all around the stage just for thrashing. We want to get our ideas in music to people. It’s time to think, not just dance. Not listen, but HEAR.
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