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1 How Lucky You Are
In a series of events that could have easily meant curtains for Vancouver pop-rock quartet Superbeing, the band took one of life's most harrowing experiences and turned it into something sweet. Members Jason Wilkinson (lead vocal, guitar), Dan Swinimer (drums), Felipe Freig (guitar), and Kevin Fulton (bass guitar) were just outside of Indian Head, Saskatchewan on the Trans Canada Hwy -- returning home from a winter tour that took the band to Winnipeg -- when their van hit black ice. In the darkest hour of the night, in the middle of the prairies, the vehicle pitched and rolled.

"I woke up to yelling, I heard Dan shouting for us to hold on, and then it was silent… and we were weightless. It felt like it was minutes when it was only moments, but when we finally stopped rolling and I heard everyone's voices all I could think was how lucky we all were to be alive," recalls Wilkinson, speaking of the inspiration behind the band's hook-driven album, aptly titled, HOW LUCKY YOU ARE.

The incident put all four members into hospital for the night, but the next day each one was given a clean bill of health save for the scrapes and bruises, stitches and bandages.

Wilkinson, without a guitar or scrap of paper, began "writing" the album's title-track on the way home.

"I just couldn't believe our fortune that we all were to get out of that wreck without being killed. It was bizarre, really. We didn't even lose one piece of gear! There was little else I could think about and this song just poured out on our way back to Vancouver," he said, adding Dan and Felipe flew home while a relative picked up him, Kevin, and the gear.

Superbeing is easily one of the smartest and hardest working independent rock bands on the scene today. It may seem like they have horseshoes around their necks (the band's very first show -- a CD release party for their debut effort Jupiter under the moniker Superbeing 77, sold out to a crowd of 800) but they have earned their rewards through diligence, incredible songwriting and an electrifying live performance -- replete with expert choreography, supplementary lighting, and special effects.

Over the course of Jupiter, Superbeing toured relentlessly. They've been interviewed on CTV in Toronto and by MTV Canada, where the group also performed. Their music has also appeared in the kayaking video "Twitch 4" as well as the Toronto Short Film Festival winner "The Winner."

Since their big debut the band has put in the hours on the road (including outstanding performances at NXNE, New Music West and in clubs like Toronto's Legendary Horseshoe), and in the studio, notably with producer and hitmaker Todd Kerns (frontman for The Age Of Electric / Static In Stereo). Working over the course of many months in Vancouver's famed Greenhouse Studios, Superbeing were joined by some of Western Canada's premiere musicians on this recording, including Dave Genn (formerly of the Matthew Good Band), John Mann (Spirit Of The West), and of course, Todd Kerns.

Upon reflection, the phrase "How Lucky You Are" has taken on even more meaning for Wilkinson.

"Literally every day, I get out of bed and think about how fortunate I am. Lucky to be living in a country where I can chose my own path and choose how I want to pursue my dreams," reflects Wilkinson. "You look at the television and see how many people there are in this world who don't have that option -- people who have very little choice whatsoever in their lives. We're privileged to live in Canada.

"We're free to be whatever we want to be."

For music fans that means the four members of Superbeing are free to create and record some of the catchiest, driving modern rock to come out of Canada in a long, long time.

How lucky we are, indeed.

- Kirsten Andrews, KirMedia

"‘Conversation Piece' is the best pop-rock song to come out of Greenhouse in the last 5 years." -- Roger Levins, Greenhouse Studios

"Superbeing is clearly ready for their close-up." -- Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight

"Superbeing has one of the best live shows I've seen on the west coast, and they have no problem getting a capacity crowd." -- Bruce Levins, Greenhouse Studios

"Superbeing is a force to be reckoned with. They have the songs, the chops, the presence, the energy and the following to go all the way." -- Todd Kerns, Producer

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