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Rockett Queen  
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The Rock Show
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1 Too Rock For Radio
In a time where a good ROCK band is as hard to find as an honest lawyer, one band stands tall to take on the task of releasing our children from the clutches of Britney's ass Ahem' I mean latest record.

Walter Lee - Vocals/Guitar Chris Wild - Lead Guitar Jeremy Star - Bass Jared Harte - Drums

These four have formed Rockett Queen with music in the vein of Marvelous 3, Lit, Aerosmith, Kiss and the spirit of a "YOUNG" GNR, Motley Crue, Poison and Bon Jovi. You can expect nothing less than pure rock and roll. When it comes to live shows, many so called "Rock Bands" today take for granted, their purpose is not only to play for themselves, but for the people. Some bands may feel less is more, or great music alone brings a great show, that is not the case with RQ. Some things you can expect at a RQ show: catchy hooks, flying picks, twirling sticks, crowd interaction and a huge Rockstar Party you definitely are invited to. "We believe if your gonna pay money to see us we better give you your money's worth"- says Chris Wild when asked about their live show. "It's all about FUN"- add's Jared. "We want you to have more fun than anything when you come to a Rockett Queen show". With many live shows under their belt, RQ are not at all ameteurs to giving you a rock show that will leave you completely blown away thinking, "Damn, why are my ears still ringing?" Jeremy smiles while admitting, "We are definatly a rock band, a LOUD rock band." "All things can best be summed up like this," interjects Walter Lee, "People want their rock band, they want their rock and roll hero's again, and we might just be the band to do it"
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