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Could He Dig Without Arms?
Stillframe Orbit
Shattering The Stars
Never Say Die
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1 A Stranger In Cellophane Skin
In a scene pent on pigeonholing manufactured music into forgettable and complex genres, Forth Effect stands alone as a mysterious stranger. Milwaukee’s Forth Effect happen to see the dangerous, restrictive nature that such titles have on art as they sound the death knell to the current plastic music scene with their do-it-yourself attitude and intricate art. They take the stage with an undeniable, selfless passion for music, no matter whom they happen to be playing for. Rarely does a band play with so much heart, let alone an absolute love for the audience; Forth Effect seems to invite the spectators into their tightly knit family both on and off the stage.

Seldom has such a young band found its stylistic niche as quickly or effortlessly as Forth Effect. In early January 2004 the band crafted many of the songs that have since evolved and become a part of their diverse set. With Adam and Andrew Balfour on guitars and Anton Brinza playing percussion, the members recognized that the songs and artistic potential were worth pursuing. The addition of Paul Drydyk in on vocals and Ryan Blake on bass in the winter of 2005 cemented the community that is Forth Effect. The complete lineup of Forth Effect then took to the stage – winning over fans with every show. Forth Effect’s presence is undeniable as they offer a refreshing take on music that seems to draw from every musical background. After months of playing shows throughout the Milwaukee and Chicago area, Forth Effect released its first EP in November of 2005. Completely self-produced and self-recorded, "A Stranger in Cellophane Skin" illustrates the bands diverse sound, and each and every moment seems to document the sheer musicianship of each member - it is a rare gem in independent music. Each song is an adventure that transforms its timing, direction, and style time after time; it is both original and refreshing.

Forth Effect redefines itself within each of their songs while including more tempo changes and complex rhythms than most bands fit into a career. Anton Brinza’s drums provide a complex backbone that combines hard-hitting fills with unconventional rhythm while Ryan Blake’s driving bass lines manage to give the band cohesive direction. In addition, the Balfour brother’s dueling guitars provide a unique assault transforming their instruments from ambient atmospherics to heavy and extraordinarily intricate breakdowns. Paul Drydyk’s delivery and vocal range, however, give the band another level of credibility. Drydyk seems to pit his voice as another instrument, all the while giving every syllable a desperate hopefulness, no matter how despondent the lyrical content may become. His combinations of introspective and observational lyrics give every sonic opus its own distinct personality. Forth Effect has the ability and drive to open up a very broad future.
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