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Can't Be Real
Halfway To Hell
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With over one thousand shows under his belt since 2008 alone, calling Pat Wright a hard working guitarist would be an understatement. He has worked with some of the most well known and well respected names in the biz, earning him awards, accolades, and invites to join live tours along the way…and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. As a performer, Pat has an extraordinary ability to truly connect with his audience. His musical abilities are electrifying, and he tells his stories through his soulful playing. It’s all this and more that make Pat Wright a very rare and natural star, and one of Canada’s greatest contemporary Blues/Rock guitarists. He is also a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with a great catalogue of original material who is actively collaborating with artists across different genres. A Juno Award recipient for guitar contributions on Mishi Donovan’s 1998 album Spirit Within, he has also recorded, appeared either on stage and/or on television with such artists as: Stevie Salas (Sass Jordan, Rod Stewart), Ken 'Spider' Sinneave (Tom Cochrane, LoverBoy, 3PM), Steve Broadhurst (Doc Walker, 3PM), Sarah & Christian Dugas (Dugas, Southern Ground), Joe Purdy (Mudtown), Edwin McCain (Atlantic), David Ryan Harris (John Mayer, Santana), Jim Lauderdale (2 time Grammy Award Winner, Atlantic, Reprise), Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing, Dixie Chicks), Mike Slute (EMI), Carlton Stone (GrowndSwell), Alana Levandoski, JP Hoe, Kevin Fox (Maple), Matt Sherrod (Beck, Crowded House), The Wilkinsons, Kinnie Starr, McMaster & James (BMG,VIK), Michelle Wright, Haard, Amanda Stott (EMI), Sherry St Germain (EMI) and many others. 
"I love doing tours with great artists, and I've been very fortunate to be able to make a great living as a guitarist for hire…but I am a songwriter at heart and love to play my own original material too. There's no feeling like it. Digging into your own songs live with a great band is a cathartic experience," explains Pat. Being so skilled as a lead player, his pure talent in this realm has previously overshadowed his burgeoning inner songwriter. Pat’s first solo offering – the self-produced, self-mixed debut LP Conflicted – was released in 2010. Mastered by the legendary George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York City, Conflicted embodies the best elements of Classic Rock and 90’s Alt Rock. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Pat began playing guitar as a young child. By the age of six he was playing Beatles tunes and by fourteen he had already played a handful of gigs. He soon began to explore song writing and started branching out into the original music scene in Winnipeg, forming his first original band, Beggar Fusion. Eventually he joined notable Winnipeg blues rockers The New Meanies (Virgin). His musical journey has since taken him all over the world, being driven by the dream of touring and performing original music. Currently based in Toronto, it has not taken this city long to recognize Pat as one of its most exciting new players. In addition to performing original material with the nascent trio that bears his name, he regularly plays with Toronto Classic Rock cover band The Beggars. The Pat Wright band features international touring and recording bassist/backing vocalist Jay Cianfrini (Lucas Rossi/Rise Electric, Jaww, Zed’s Dead) and drummer Marco Ruggiero (The Beggars). Pat also co-writes and collaborates with Canadian artists such as Mike Slute (EMI), Carlton Stone (GroundSwell), Dugas (Southern Ground) and singer-songwriter Carly Jean. Pat has recently joined Dugas on tour, performing throughout the US and opening for the Grammy Award Winning Zac Brown Band. Whilst performing in Dugas he has joined tours featuring Lyle Lovett, John Prine, John Hiatt, Edwin McCain & Maia Sharp, Joe Purdy, David Ryan Harris, Levi Lowrey and many other renowned recording artists. 

From 2008 to early 2010 Pat performed as a multi instrumentalist in the Broadway musical The Jersey Boys, playing electric guitar, baritone guitar, electric sitar, mandolin and drums.

 Pat is currently working on new original material for his second release and will be recording at Jukasa studios with his band spring 2013. The new tunes are more Blues-based than those on Conflicted, with plenty of late ‘60’s / early ‘70’s Hard Rock flavourings. Fans of ZZ Top, Mountain, Cream and Canned Heat will be pleased to find familiar elements interwoven with classic Delta Blues. The tight musicianship and chemistry of the trio guide the songs through some fun twists and turns, as they serve up Southern-Fried Boogie Blues cranked to eleven. Combining the effortless cool of Keith Richards with the jaw-dropping playing abilities and powerful presence of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pat Wright is an in-demand artist who has proven he can write and perform with the best of them. Pat Wright is an artist you really do not want to miss.
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