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Broken World
Pretty War
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1 Broken World
Lost City Angels, or LCA as their fans have dubbed them, have built a new record fueled on life as they know it. Fucked Up.

BROKEN WORLD breathes a dark, chaotic, and energetic asthetic into a musical landscape where hammering guitars, temper-fueled screams, and machine-gun drums mold each song. Appealing to listeners of rock, punk, early 80's Boston Hardcore, and even indie rock, LCA's BROKEN WORLD has something to show to everyone.

"Emotion, NOT EMO, wrote this record. We won't get specific, but each of these songs were moments that happened in our lives. Well, honestly those moments still happen to this day", admits drummer Adam Shaw. Whether it's a song about depression, self-loathing, addiction, love, desperation, deadend politics, or even murder, the topics at hand cover a landscape anyone living in this day and age can relate to.

Rave reviews across the board have been coming in since the record was leaked. AP gave the record a 5 out of 5 review in their May 2005 issue. "[LCA's] secret is the bands ability to appeal to goths while retaining enough muscle to make Joe Football think twice about heckling them about that eyeliner they're sporting. On "Final Wish" the band dive headfirst from a catchy opening riff into a blistering chorus, and with "Broken World" they drop one of the most liberating ode's to depression since My Chemical Romance's "I'm not Okay (I Promise)". Playboy Magazine gave the record 4 out of 4 bunnies, and Revolver gave the record 3.5 out of 4.

Can you hear the sounds of Liberation? Do yourself the favor and listen. A must for lovers of AFI, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Tiger Army, The Living End, Guns N Roses, HIM, Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys, the Unseen and NYC snots the Dead Boys

-Just off The Dark Romance tour with Tiger Army and Unseen

-Added as direct support on the Social Distortion May/June US Tour

-Playing Warped Tour 05 July 19th-August 1st

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