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Mein Friseur
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1 Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden
Eike Sunshine & Andi Pi are the heads of BCF. A creative team, that produced together a heap of songs in the last 12 years. With those they inspired at their liveconcerts in Austria even as support act of Joe Cocker 2007, in Germany, Holland, Greece and Thailand an international audience from all arround the world. For more information, pics, videos and news have a look at BCF-homepage:

The new mastered BCF album "Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden“ is out now and obtainable at Dooload, Amazon, Rapsody, Musicload, Napster, Emusic and further more onlinestores. 18 germanrock/pop-songs with electronic influences and 2 bonus-tracks: Liebesland-Cargoblastversion and Luckys’ Lamai.

The album already appeared in 2005 as download at our homepage and got very good criticism. Now it became new mastered and upgegraded with 2 bonus-tracks and finally it’s accessible for a worldwide audience. Come and listen in.

Clippings of Criticism for “Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden“ - Musikmagazin honestly: Almost I did not believe anymore that something like this exists. Electropop with deep contents! … …By the way with a female voice that sounds so strong and powerful, that I must ask myself why these artists still not under a labelcontract. The good mixture of the music sounds like a coulorful chewinggum - artificial, sweet but once you taste you want more and more… …What here sometimes seems to be tempting shallow at first sight can be a footprint further as deeper as you thought. Robert Kneschke

soundbase-onlinemusikmagazin …Finally it must be said “Die Zeit Heilt Alle Wunden“ is no music from the pole. It’s music with also a quite serious lyrical background but nevertheless with a big eye-wink... …beside the quality of the music the lyrical contribution knows how to convince...
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