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Golden Vanity  
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Control Box
Cried Wolf
Downers Grove
The Hurt
Farewell Star
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1 On The Silver Sea
2 The Fog
After discovering a guitar and music book in his basement, lead singer, Josh Scherer found himself drawn into the story of music. A Hungarian folk song, The Golden Vanity, brought life's themes of sacrifice, love, death, courage, betrayal and sadness to the forefront of his mind. These themes remain the anchor of The Golden Vanity.

The Golden Vanity is and has always been a family affair. Josh and Jeremiah (Schmokes) were born to write music together. By taking their own life experience, they have created wounded music for wounded people. With melodic, lyric-driven music, The Golden Vanity possesses a style all their own. The Golden Vanity combines the unique styles of their musical influences to create their own distinctive style.

Each member of The Golden Vanity brings to the forefront their own individual talent, style and personality. As captain of the Vanity, Josh leads with strong vocals and perfect harmony with his brother and sister. Schmokes preference of playing unique guitar riffs to standard chords is a direct result of his musical influences of Silverchair, Starflyer59 and Smashing Pumpkins. As the only female, Leah has developed her own unique style and exudes confidence through her gregarious stage presence. As the only member of the band not related by blood, drummer Matt White known for being hard, loud and fast brings his main influence of Dave Grohl to the heart of The Golden Vanity.

In 2002, The Golden Vanity released On the Silver Sea recorded at the famous Morrisound studios in Tampa. The release of this album and the vivacious live performances of The Golden Vanity has resulted in a passionate local following, as well as, regular airplay on local radio and internet radio. With the strong reaction to this album, demands for more original music by the band and the life changes the band and each member has gone through, The Golden Vanity recently completed recording the Fog. Independently written and produced this band has poured out their entire heart, life and soul into the process of creating this album.
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