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Seminole County  
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1 Seminole County

Take the hip-hop stylings of Jay Z, Biggie and Tupac, add the goth-tinged rock of Evanescence and finish off with the rapcore, nu-metal cry of Linkin Park and you’ll begin to get near the fresh and powerful new sound of Seminole County.

Jj and Byron J are the young wizards behind the words, music, production and performance of Seminole County, formed only two years ago in the south Florida county where the band gets its name. Jj was just a high school kid, competitive as hell, playing football with her brothers, and in Jj, the fledgling record producer spied a protégé, felt a chemistry, and before they both knew it they were creating the kind of next generation hip-hop only they could make.

Soon Jj and Byron J started mixing with some pretty impressive company. Jj was invited to perform at an event hosted by Bill Clinton and the Crown Prince of Dubai. As Seminole County, the two performed at Hawaii's ProBowl NFL Experience. Their talents were then requested by the Children’s Charities of the European World when they were asked to work alongside legendary musicians Ronnie Wood of The Stones and Kenney Jones of The Who & Rod Stewart to create a hip-hop remix of a song called It's All About the Children. A collaboration with Oksana, the famed Russian pianist, followed, as the three wrote the song Just Don’t Say A Word, which became a huge success in Europe.

Not yet in their mid-twenties, Jj and Byron J are packing the experience and musicality of artists twice their age, creating hip-hop that’s accessible without sacrificing the dark undertones of the streets from which the genre first arose - and incorporating just the right measure of rock to shake things up. And all of it is delivered with an irresistible pop allure that makes believers out of hip-hop skeptics. This means the kinds of demographics that stretch from junior high tastemakers to seniors in the know. Through her website alone, Jj has amassed a fan base of tens of thousands of people worldwide.
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