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Cowboy Song
Akabusi Unleashed
Sir Bongo (pt.II)
Sir Bongo (pt.III)
Akabusi Unleashed (pt.II)
Cowboy Song
Twist n' Fist
Disco Wookie
The Ya Ya Ya's
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1 Many Feet Will Tap
2 Consistent With A Fist
D-Karts are a Glasgow based five-piece filth-flarn-funk band, mainly from the leafy hamlet of Uddingston, formed in the late 90s by David Skinner (lead vocals, guitar), Graeme Davidson (lead guitar, backing vocals), Neil Lockhart (drums, backing vocals) and Ross McLaughlin (bass). Together, and not without trepidation, they embarked on a murky, mucky path through the friendly forest of naïve pop/rock to their current posting on the dirty, hot volcanic slopes between dance and funk. Along the way, as they edged nervously towards the vicious funk which is now their “trademark”, they picked up village idiot Allan Ross (bongos) to augment the layered grooves they were aiming for (or churning out despite themselves in deranged half hour studio jams). This five-piece line up has for the last two years caused increasing surprise and delight with its grasp of funky and masterful grooves, building up a modest yet loyal fan base and even playing at Richard Branson’s Virgin Party at his Oxfordshire mansion last September.

Apart from all this pretentious twaddle, the only thing holding them back was the lack of a decent demo (people from the Virgin gig are still pestering them). Now that has changed, however, with the disc you may well be holding in your hands or listening to or tossing in the bin right now. This silvery circle contains a car chase of dance-funk, a relentless mid-70s layered-vocal groove and a country-gospel anthem. All filtered through the bizarre collective minds-eye of five drunken scorpion-loving weirdoes; the sound of the masters of verisimilitude laying down their sinister funk attitude for the multitude.

Or something broadly along those lines.
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