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1 A.W.S. EP
Adrian--equal parts singer, MC and guitarist--spanned the globe to assemble an elite music crew, he’d name “A.W.S.”. The result is a four-piece modern rock band that fuses compelling elements of metal, hip hop and soul. Slovenian drummer, Roman Ratej (formerly of T.A.T.U.) seamlessly incorporates essential groove elements with a hard-hitting rock dynamic seldom heard in this genre. Eastern European angst brought Ales Marjetic to America and with A.W.S. he unloads the weight of the world into a super-human guitar tone and matching attitude. Adrian recruited New York-based Luke Daley for his hybrid of funk and nu-metal dexterity. Despite its foundation in hard rock, A.W.S.’ street credibility is acknowledged with an approving nod from Hip Hop community’s all-star engineer/producer, Rick St. Hilaire (Busta Rhymes, Wyclef Jean, Black Star). “A.W.S. is the perfect blend of different vibes. Hard Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop with a great sense of melody. They do it right.” Band leader Adrian’s multiple personality-like disorder is manifested in a vocal style ranging from Prince-like melodies, pissed-off Incubus choruses and a rap flow resembling that of the Roots--all wrapped up in brilliantly crafted hard rock songs. The lyrical focus is on the realities of life. From love lost to death, from financial struggle to self-proclaimed greatness -- it will be genuinely conveyed with A.W.S. passion and intensity. The band plays all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. They perform any opportunity they get -– any time, any place. One fan they gained from the live shows was Brian Holland of the legendary song writing team “Holland Dozier Holland”. He asked the band to demo several songs for the label “The Holland Group”. A.W.S. is currently in the studio with Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie, BT, The Crystal Method, A Perfect Circle) recording an album due for independent release in June ’05. The vision is becoming a reality. Industry insiders are starting to understand what all the talk has been about. Eddie Gomez (Bug Music Vice President of Creative Services) states, “A.W.S. combine hard hitting rock with elements of funk and hip hop and mix it into this witches brew hybrid. The Chili Peppers did something similar in their day and now A.W.S. are taking it the next step”.
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