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TenFeetTall of Denver, is the new creation of Danny Huber, John Caballero and Paul Elliott. Having scared themselves silly with their similar musical tastes and influences (the more notables are: xtc, radiohead, depeche mode, the the, joy division, the stone roses, toad the wet sprocket, the cure, coldplay), the only thing left to do was to start a new band that draws from their common idols and icons.

Danny (formerly of the Wind Up Merchants) and John (formerly of Fusion) came together in October of 2003 when the two joined the Denver cover band OFF the HOOK. They enjoyed a great ride with OTH on the Denver Music Scene for about a year and a half. But in March of 2005, Danny and John left the band as they wanted to spread their wings and pursue the interest they both have in writing, arranging and performing their own music. When John was introduced to one of Danny's long time friends, Paul Elliott, there was an instant chemistry between the three. Paul's creative style and musical talents were the icing on the cake for the songwriting, arranging and creative process to be complete.

The three began writing and arranging the new songs for TenFeetTall keeping in the back of their mind that as they got closer to 10-12 songs they would begin searching for a guitarist and drummer.

In August '05, with about 5 songs written and half a band, TFT was already being offered opening slots for shows. It was time to start looking for the final two pieces. A slow, careful but deliberate search began for the "right" talent, sound and personality.

The selective "search" process paid off as guitarist Sean Anderson (formerly of Red Glow Aviator) was asked over for a jam. Sean was exactly what TFT wanted and needed from all aspects and was immediately invited in.

Two weeks later, percussionist Shawn Raglin, originally from Austin, Texas, answered an ad and was invited to a jam. The room was electric and the songs took on a whole new feeling. The four of us knew that night this was our drummer. Shawn came back the following week and officially became a member of the band.

Both Sean and Shawn's experience, talent, sound and personality were a perfect fit with the founding members of TFT. These two gifted musicians bring in just what TenFeetTall was looking for to complete it's own unique sound and style.

The group is feverishly writing, composing, and arranging original material for the project. "We want to create and play music that's fun and all over the place. In the vein of the Power Pop/Rock groups of the 80's and 90' know, when Pop Music DIDN'T SUCK!" Upbeat melodic music with thick vocal harmonies is what we want to deliver.
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