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Withered In Bloom
Zeit Des Abschieds
All forgotten...
A Night In Fall
In Your Diary
Forget Me...
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1 Secrets
all:my:faults was originally founded in zwingenberg, germany, on march 13th, 2003 by steve:kiai who had just left his old alternative band where he sang and played bass. he always had ideas that didn’t quite fit in an alternative combo and after he had left this band, he began writing more of his own music and performed alone in some local clubs.

despite not having too much success with his former band, a:m:f pressed forward more than expected, yet steve:kiai didn’t want to play gigs just on his own using tapes for everything but vocals and guitars, so he concentrated on the songwriting and waited for the right live musicians to launch a:m:f as a real live act. he released some press demos, continued writing songs and performing them on his own at private shows. going new musical ways, atmosphaeric, conterintuitive-melancholic with earwick-melodies and roots in goth-pop and darkwave he delivered all qualities of a resounding success, decorated with modern keyboard-elements and driving guitar-sounds. with “your anniversary” the first official release of a song on the newcomer-sampler “return to light vol. 01” came out under the label bright light records in march 2004 and another press release called ‘euthanasia: memento mori’ followed shortly after.

after two years of working alone steve:becker finally found jonas:iscariot who was willing to play a major role in the band he created two years ago. the bands style went in a slightly harder direction with more rock and metal influences and jonas:iscariot who already designed artworks for bright-light-records, bands from many different genres and computer games, served a brandnew logo and created a new look for the band’s releases and homepage.

the digestion of very personal feelings of steve:kiai are still one of the main aspects for the lyrics to deal with and his great new ideas for songs surprise the audience again and again. new lyrical influences by jonas:iscariot (‘fallen’,’forgotten valentine’ etc) and the new, harder guitars, written and played by steve can be heard on the late 2005 a:m:f recordings.

the year 2006 will bring more changes, a new, completed line-up and hopefully a lot of gigs all over germany and maybe europe...
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