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Cannonball Kisses
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SEER is born of a promise. Two ordinary guys meet by chance: seconds from parting ways on a phone call Jim mentions he plays keyboards after Chris explained the guitarist position he had called about had been filled. !!But adding keyboards was something Chris desired even more. So Jim was invited to try out and the rest becomes our story.

What does the prophet say?

Something supernatural began to happen when they met up for practices. It was like God’s Spirit descended upon their creative time together. As they began to write, the same ideas would come to them simultaneously without them mentioning anything prior. It’s this chemistry that lead to SEER’s transition to the creative place Chris had been longing for-working with Jim who brings his “beat making” savvy along with his groove laden bass and keys to the now, very musical drawing table. Just coming off SEER’s first self titled project in 1998, Jim challenged Chris to up the ante by starting another project which ultimately took another three years to complete. “SONIC SUGAR”, released in 2003 has and is slowly rising in the ears of many around the world thanks to the power of the internet. The band has watched their songs downloaded from Great Britain to Brazil to China, ...from the USA to Australia...neighborhoods in Germany, Italy, Oklahoma, Michigan and even Kenosha, WI. are smacking their lips on this new sound.

The prophet says your world is about to change.

Change can be a good thing. But you should never lose your “youth” for the sake of it. Our sense of wonder and excitement is a gift. Discovery becomes a holiday. The history of music is made when music evolves. And, as a fan, it is you and your enthusiasm that drives the future. Invention drives the members of SEER. They have met “the Machine”; new technologies are something to be embraced. One day the future just happens and we get a new sound, a new sonic experience, something a little different than what we’ve heard before. We need soul shakers, those who make us think different, those who show us another way to travel. This world is getting tired. the fast lane is in need of repairs. Money- still- won’t buy you love...wake up friend, there is a voice calling you.

The prophet wants to meet you.

SEER invites you in. We want you to get your groove on. The next train to our music wonderland is ready to board. Say is that Sonic Sugar dripping from your ears?

Copyright 2006 C Baumagrt/ Push Blade Music/SEER USA

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