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Calling to Me
Happy Little Red Head
Passing by
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1 Ebullition
When Strange Condition takes their sound (which has been compared to Incubus, Matchbox20, Staind, and Nickelback) to the stage they create a visually stimulating performance with a passionate energy that is unmatched. Their songs originate from a love deep in their souls and no band expresses that love better than they do. While performing, their emotion drifts across the audience like a sonic wind through wheat until the packed house is jumping, moving, and singing with the energy these five create. The fervor they've displayed has earned them a reputation as the best live act in Colorado and is evident from the sold out shows at top clubs in Denver and Ft. Collins like Herman's Hideaway, The Soiled Dove, the Fillmore Auditorium, The Starlight Lounge, Linden's, Archer's, and the Aggie theater.

Setting the foundation for their marketable sound is the solid combination of Cody Kasten on drums and Marcon on bass. Cody's playful style, including a creative use of toms and high-hat work, keeps the audience moving at all times. Marcon drives the songs along, augmenting Cody's rhythm with subtle use of notes. Building upon the tightest rhythm section in Colorado, Jas Kasten's infectious, hook-laden guitar style snares the audience whether he's playing a mellow acoustic, an intricate melody, or crunching it up thick and heavy. Jas' sound alternates between a punch in the teeth to a soothing caress. The most distinct feature of Strange Condition lies in their unique use of two singers. Whether it's Chad Pinther seducing listeners with a melody more raw, or Ryan Malloy's mesmerizing, polished voice, each singer more than stands on his own. However, when they combine their perfectly complemented voices into heaven-dropped harmonies, they produce a vocal torrent of unequalled passion and emotion.

With the release of their debut album, Ebullition in July of 2003, the future for Strange Condition is only more promising. While working with Grammy award winning engineers, they were able to self-produce an album that not only captures the excitement and intensity of their live shows, but also demonstrates the intricacies and subtle touches of fine musicianship. It is only a matter of time before Strange Condition becomes a not so strange name across the country.

Discography Strange Condition - EP, January 2002 Ebullition - LP, July 2003
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