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Open Sea
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Against the backdrop of Las Vegas comes a band as electrifying as the name suggests, 12 Volt Sex.  What started out as a few simple songwriting sessions for vocalist Matthew Gucu and guitarist Michael Stratton quickly became a hot commodity with the addition of bassist Jason Coleman and drummer Gary Wright.  Pop Formula, 12 Volt Sex's first self-released CD, catapulted the band into local celebrity with the help of KXTE, Las Vegas.  Coined, "America's Best Unsigned Band," in Virtually Alternative Magazine, 12 Volt Sex quickly gained regional radio support with KNRK Portland, KEDJ Phoenix and 91X San Diego.  This west coast exposure helped move a few thousand units through 12VS's indie label, TVS Industries.  Soon they were selling out mid-size venues, playing large festivals and opening for national acts, such as Blink 182, Lit and Bad religion.  Their regional success soon piqued the interest of major labels including RCA Records.  12 Volt Sex began recording their major label immediately after RCA signed the band through attorney Peter Paterno.  Notorious production duo Tom Rockrock and Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, the Toadies) collaborated with the band to capture the raw essence of 12 Volt Sex.  With Steve Stewart Management (Stone Temple Pilots) on board, the band toured the United States and Europe, rallying fans on both sides of the Atlantic.  Back from Span invigorated, 12 Volt Sex returned to the studio to record some new material.  Enter producer Jerry Finn (Blink 182, Morrissey, AFI).  RCA Records approved the results and shipped their first single, Hook it Up, to radio stations nationwide.  However, things took an unexpected turn when Ron Fair, the band's A & R, made the decision to leave RCA.  It became apparent that 12 Volt Sex was getting lost in the corporate shuffle.  Quickly the band negotiated a release from their contract to pursue other avenues and enjoy an overdue break.  12 Volt's 2004 reemergence onto the Las Vegas music scene has been one of the most highly anticipated comebacks in local history, replete with performances in Vegas and LA.  An arsenal of fresh material continues to awe the band's loyal following while accruing new fans.  12 Volt's new music reflects a more mature consciousness, while continuing to incorporate their diverse musical backgrounds.
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