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Audio Spaghetti  
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Know What I Mean
Confide in the Mic
Losing Time
What You Want
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1 Take Control
Audio Spaghetti fuses elements of pop funk and metal which creates very catchy, groove oriented songs that have been very well absorbed in the Midwest. Their songs have been called "radio-friendly" but from a new genre. They have a knack with dynamics. Audio Spaghetti has shared the stage with major Midwest acts such as Pomeroy and has performed at benefit concerts with international performers. They have sold hundreds of t-shirts and have been successful in the sale of other merchandise. Audio Spaghetti has also released their debut album “Take Control” in June 2006. The record’s mature and catchy songwriting has been turning heads ever since. The mix of pop, funk, and metal creates very groove oriented songs that are comparable to Sublime, 311 or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Audio Spaghetti’s single, “Know What I Mean” has been playing on Star 107.9, Mix 103.3, and The Fly 92.7; three of Kansas top alternative stations. Audio Spaghetti has performed at festivals in front of crowds with a much as 15,000+ in attendance. Not only have they had radio promotion in central and western Kansas but have also created a large fan base in Hays, Manhattan and Topeka. They have also had publicity from local newspapers and radio stations across the state which means there is no doubt that people have heard of Audio Spaghetti. Each member of Audio Spaghetti is from Kansas. The group’s drummer, Josh Fellers, played drums in the Great Bend high school bands. He placed first in state competition for quad drums, and a regular beat machine. Brendan Arnold grew up in New Jersey at a young age, and later moved to Kansas. Motivated by his musical influences, Les Claypool, Incubus, and Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, he’s played bass for half his life, and has played with two rock bands prior to Audio Spaghetti. Jacob Tabler, The vocalist/guitar player, also played guitar and bass in his high school jazz band. He has been a musician for over 9 years. His favorite groups growing up were 311, Incubus, Sublime, and Green Day. His unique vocal style and playing tends to show all this, while simultaneously standing on it’s own as a style you have never heard. Playing in two rock bands prior to Audio Spaghetti, he is confident that this is the pinnacle of their musical performing experiences. Audio Spaghetti is determined to take the right steps to become a successful act. They will do whatever it takes, however long it takes, because they have what it takes. This is a band that stands apart from others in that they are not only hardworking and dedicated but their music is very unique and attracts listeners of all audiences. Music is a very competitive business, which singles out the slackers. Likely, you will be seeing and hearing more of Audio Spaghetti in the coming years.
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