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A New Way Down  
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Sub-Human Aura
For Her
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1 Descend
During the past 10 years, popular music has passed through genre after genre becoming something of a shape-shifting monster spitting out what is pure while keeping in what is talent less. We've come from humble anarchistic "grunge" movements which disappeared with a single significant death and then switched into "the boy band craze." One can't even fathom how such a drastic change could ever take place, but hey...this is America and the "MTV Generation".

Now in the 2000's, popular rock music has lost its edge and defiant place in history allowing a dried-out and watered-down "politically correct" genre MTV has come to call "hardcore". It is up to the underground artists to bring back the "balls to the wall" attitude and all out ass-kicking that the music industry deserves. "A New Way Down" is one of those bands bringing back the brute force attitude while staying true to soulful lyrics and deep melodic tones and serves as a beacon for what seems to be dying in this world: attitude with purpose.

With a few phone calls and some luck on the internet, Ceci Shaw, Brian Hulliger, Jerry Michael, and Chris Crawford formed “A New Way Down� in late 2003. During the next 6 months, the musical backgrounds of each individual created a sound completely defiant of any social “norms� breathing life into what once was dead and forgotten. With a work ethic and a strong determination all its own, A New Way Down made their presence felt. Once the band began playing shows, a small but loyal fan base grew (ranging from Miami to all of central Florida) and A New Way Down knew this was something the people wanted to hear, but mostly, their music was what they wanted to play.

Now in 2005, what began as a small experiment grew into a crusade: to bring meaning back to music. Through many technological advances, A New Way Down has brought its old school mentality into the 21st century. Both physical and electronic networking played a key role in the success of this band. In addition, the band independently financed creations of their own propaganda, such as: internet websites, merchandise, their debut album “Descend,� and their abrasive music video “Sixes.�

However, all business aside, the main expression of this band is the live show. Never ceasing to amaze, A New Way Down brings “showmanship� back to rock n roll. With movements, crowd involvement, and the visual tricks, A New Way Down creates an atmosphere in which audience members are captivated. Inside of the live show, A New Way Down has hard-edge tone and raw power emanating from the stage. The presence of these members is what audiences take home with them. From an audience perspective, A New Way Down’s show is an experience that is truly never forgotten.

A New Way Down’s debut album “Descend� is a collection of tracks that focus the bands creativity in hard hitting rhythmic verses and soulful, melodic choruses. A New Way Down’s versatility (demonstrated in Descend and their live performances), shows their ability to change from heavy to ambient on the drop of a dime without losing the mood of a song. The bands first single, “Sixes� is a hard driving song from start to finish. In comparison, “Dubin (Ver. 2)�, is a song that reveals the bands “softer/deeper� side of their emotions. “Dubin (Ver. 2�, has received critical acclaim from everyone who has heard it, including one Fredy Polania, director of the movie “Cabras� (to be released in 2007). Fredy contacted the band due to his interest in the song “Dubin (Ver. 2)� and has since signed the band and their song to his movie for release on the movie’s soundtrack. Whether your taste in music is centered on the heavy side or on the opposite soft side, “Descend� has songs for all walks of life.

A New Way Down is a group of musicians who appreciate and believe in the emotion and power that music contains.

So, as A New Way Down would say, “Welcome, to your near life experience.�
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